Corcia Designs

In a brand containing elegant and feminine designs,the collections generally match the wishes of women with refined individual taste.We provite a wide variety of unique, Materials with a simple yet strong image. Corcia Designs Creates impressively designed clothes for those special nights and stylish invitations reflecting timeless,glamorous, simple and classic fashions.

Who is Corcia’s Turkan Guler ?

The creative director and founder of the brand Corcia Turkan Guler is a graduate of Lasalle International Academy and Media Yener where she has received a fashion designer as well as Fashion Merchandising education.She has wide experience in a number of firms in the textile sector as intern,assistant and management. After completing her education she made the decision to apply her international fashion experience to her personalised creations and her own brand .

Corcia Designs Aims to create a glamorous feminine and cross cultural collection essentially including ethnic garments Corcia Designs is a creative and dynamic brand with a reputation for timeless,impeccable superbly designed fashions.

Corcia Türkan Güler